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We have four different options available for parties:

    * Venue hire only

    * Pony picnics
    * Basic pony rides party
    * Games pony party

Our venue is available for pony picnics, birthday parties, kitchen teas, stork teas and any other function every day of the week (except Sundays) but pony parties and games parties are only held on Friday and Saturday afternoons as well as some afternoons during the week. Our clubhouse has a stove, microwave, kettle, fridge/freezer, braai facilities, catering tables, picnic tables for 40 people, small tables for small children and toilet facilities. We also provide plastic plates and cups for the kids and have table cloths & table settings for adults available to rent – please ask for a quote. Own catering welcome.

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    1. Pony Picnic party

    If a limited number of children are to be invited to a birthday or if you just want to bring the children for an outing, our pony picnics are ideal. These picnics do not include use of the venue as described above but we do provide a picnic spot.
    What it involves:
    1.1 A picnic spot
    1.2 Pony rides of 20 – 30 minutes for a max of 4 kids
    1.3 Cost: R100 per child & R30 per adult (max of 6)
    1.4 Held from 9h00 – 11h00; 11h00 – 13h00 on weekdays or enquire about times on weekends and during school holidays.

    2. Basic Pony Rides Party (suitable for children from 2-5):

2.1 Children take turns being led around on two ponies/horses for approx 45 min – one hour.

2.2 Cost: R1200 (minimum fee for 10 children; each child more than 10, pay R120 each). Adults: First 20 free, then R50 per adult. Non-riding children older than 6 (up to 18): R30 per child.

2.3 Includes use of ponies/horses, use of hard hats and use of clubhouse.

2.4 Duration: 14h00 – 17h00



    3. Games Party (Suitable for children from 5 – 14)

3.1 Children are divided into teams and are entertained by playing various games involving riding on the ponies/horses, for approx 45 min – one hour. Games such as: Place the ball; Biscuit and Balloon; Bobbing for apples; Sack race, etc are played. All children are led by experienced handlers and do not need riding experience.

3.2 Cost: R1500 (minimum fee for 10 children; each child more than 10, pay R150 each). Adults: First 20 free, then R50 per adult; non-riding children under 6 free; non-riding children over 6 (up to 18: R30 each.

3.3 Includes use of ponies/horses, use of hard hats and use of clubhouse.

3.4 Duration: 14h00 to 17h00.


Our experience has taught us that children over five do not enjoy the basic party. They, however, LOVE the games party. We can also do a combination party – please ask for a quote.

 Buckets of treats

Buckets of treats for the horses are available at R30 per bucket. One bucket is enough for two kids to share. Please book these beforehand.


As a guideline a typical party will follow the following pattern:

Guests arrive between 14h00 and 14h30. We start playing games at 14h30. The length of time spent on the games, depends entirely on the level of fitness of children but most children are tired after 45 minutes. (In the case of the basic party, children will complete the riding at 15h15) At approximately 15h15, children return to the clubhouse to have the birthday cake, etc. If  feed buckets are booked, the kids will be taken to the stables at around 16h00 to feed the horses. If not, children are welcome to play running games in our wide open spaces!


Venue hire for other parties (not applicable to pony parties):

Session 1:        9h00 – 12h00:              R1000

Session 2:        14h00 – 17h00:            R1200

Session 3:        19h00 – 24h00:            R2500 (R250 per hour after 24h00)


General conditions: 

  • A 50% deposit of the minimum fee as well as a R600 breakage deposit, is payable within 48 hours of booking (telephonically or otherwise) after which the booking will lapse automatically. The balance is payable upon confirmation of the number of children attending. Confirmation of the number and full payment is required at the latest one week before a party. In the event of notice of such payment not being received one week in advance, the party will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.
  • A R600 refundable breakage deposit is required on booking and will be refunded after the party. Any damage or clean-up fee will be subtracted from this deposit.
  • It is an express condition that parents of all children participating take note of and agree to the terms of indemnity notices on this contract as well as on the premises. It is the responsibility of the person arranging the party (the client) to ensure that all parents and guests agree to this condition. Note that right of admission is reserved and dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Our full conditions will be sent to the client upon booking.

PLEASE CONTACT US TO MAKE A BOOKING        0824178137 or