Paige.Fancy dress 1

Paige and Alacrity in the fancy dress at Liberty’s show 2014

Elisbe and Cocaine

Elisbe and Cocaine

Lara & Conan at training show

Lara & Conan at training show

Elisbe and Liberty's Storm Dancer at Nationals

Elisbe and Liberty’s Storm Dancer at Nationals

Liberty is ready and looking forward to 2015! We acquired the Warmbloods, Eagles Conan and Eagles Cocaine in 2014 and are looking forward to their careers with us. They have already done one training showjumping show and Cocaine will be doing his first dressage show on 17 January. We wish Lara and Elisbe, their riders, all the best with them.

Our annual charity auction at the end of 2014 was a HUGE success. We managed to donate R12 500 to Wetnose, thanks to all our clients who donated things and then bought them back!

Congratulations to Jessica Garnett on the purchase of Alacrity and to Ashleigh Grabouw on the purchase of Liberty’s Storm Dancer. Storm and Elisbe came 7th overall in the Sanesa Nationals in equitation in 2014 and we know he will  look after his new rider too! Welcome to Nicky Pierini and Mystery who joined us in December 2014. Mystery has already picked up lots of weight and is looking much happier. Enjoy your stay at Liberty!

We all had quite a shock when Paige Prangley-Maine had to undergo a brain operation but are glad to report that she is back in the saddle and doing well!

Good luck to all our riders for 2015!